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Galway City

Experience the Best of Galway.

Galway is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations for good reason. Galway is the cultural capital of the West of Ireland, renowned for traditional music, theatre and nightlife. Galway is an ancient city, but as a university town its medieval streets and pubs throng with a young, vibrant and cosmopolitan population.

With literally hundreds of pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants, Galway has no shortage of urban amenities to explore. But an experience in Galway is not complete without long walks along the sea or explorations into the surrounding countryside.

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Galway Tourism: - The most popular Galway site on the web, providing regularly updated news, photo gallery and info on accommodation, restaurants, pubs, events and entertainment.


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Galway: Gateway to the West

Galway also acts as a gateway to some of the most popular destinations on Ireland’s western coast, including The Burren, The Cliffs of Moher, the Aran Islands, Connemara and the Gaeltacht area where the Irish language is still in everyday use. Why not make Sleepzone your base for exploring the West of Ireland?

Ideally you’ll devote at least a full day to experiencing each of these distinct and spectacular regions. Sleepzone organizes day tours to several destinations and our staff will share expert advice on how to best access the region. Whether you stay for one day or a full week, you leave wishing you could stay longer.


Connemara is one of the most scenic regions in Ireland, a place where the Irish language is still in everyday use. Its craggy mountain peaks, expansive sandy beaches and laced network of lakes exemplify the peaceful solitude and rugged beauty of The West of Ireland.

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"Watching the World go By", Leenane, Connemara General Information:

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The Burren & The Cliffs of Moher

Rising a sheer 210 meters from the Atlantic Ocean below, the world famous Cliffs of Moher are among the most outstanding natural amenities that Ireland has to offer. Located about 1.5 hours from Galway, The Cliffs and the Visitor Experience Centre are a must see for anyone travelling to the West of Ireland (

The Burren is a unique limestone landscape which has lain unspoiled since the ice-age. Here you can find relics of 6,000 year old human habitation, villages abandoned from famine times and extraordinary caves.

General Information: Cliffs of Moher, The Burren


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The Aran Islands

The Aran Islands are a must see. As rugged as the people who settled there more than 3,000 years ago, the islands have provided a harsh yet enduring way of life. You can catch a ferry from either Co. Galway (Rossaveel) or Co. Clare (Doolin). 

General Information:

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