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Press release - Each member of West of Ireland Hostel group in Irish Top Ten...again!

(03 Feb 2010)

The group has three properties in the West of Ireland –Sleepzone Galway City (ranked 8th), Sleepzone Connemara (ranked 5th) and Sleepzone – The Burren (ranked 4th) and each property featured in the Top Ten in Ireland listings for 2009 and 2010. is the dominant online booking engine for hostels, with over 23,000 properties worldwide available to book. The annual awards, dubbed the ‘Hoscars’ are presented to the highest ranking hostels from around the globe and are based on ratings by guests at the hostels. Ratings are given in each of six categories – character, security, location, staff, fun and cleanliness – and over 1 million hostel guests voted for their favourites in 2009.

Each Sleepzone Hostels climbed in the rankings for 2010 – from Sleepzone Galway City (ranked 10th), Sleepzone Connemara (ranked 6th) and Sleepzone – The Burren (ranked 5th) at the 2009 awards.

Sleepzone Galway City

The Burren Hostel

The Connemara Hostel

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