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How Visiting The Burren offers the perfect college group tour and makes the organiser a hero! Team Leader, Group Leader
Monday, January 19, 2015

Cliffs Of Moher - Sleepzone Hostels 

 How #VisitTheBurren offers the perfect college grouptour and makes the organiser a hero!

Every college tour organiser or group leader faces the samechallenge; how do I organise a trip away where there is lots of activity,variety for different tastes, without too much work and everybody returns homefull of great memories?

If only there was one spot where you could find all ofthis in close proximity to accommodation at a great price too?!At Sleepzone Hostels, we have been working withpeople like you for years and years and we know exactly what to do.

Let’s startat the start 

Work out a range of activities to form a solid itinerary. Naturally, people are going to want to do different things so the secret ofsuccess here is to include something for the adventurer, the culture-vulture,the historian, the socialite, the leader, the follower and thego-with-the-flow-er.

The Burren has the entire trip sown up for you; a visit tothe Cliffs of Moher, guided walks, hikes, cycle trips, surfing, the BurrenPerfumery, Poulnabrone Dolmen, the Aran Islands, the Stalactites andStalacmites of the Doolin and Ailwee caves and of course, the traditional Irishand folk

For a three-day, four-day or week long trip, you can absolutelyput together a fun-filled, bursting-with-activity agenda out of the options

Now, what’s next

Well you also need tothink about where you’re going to sleep, eat and drink. The first one is easy!At The Burren Hostel, we have everything you need – a comfortable bedwith en suite in each room, a complimentary breakfast, a fantastic location,free wi-fi, free parking as well as free tea and coffee all day!

Now and again,some members of your group will just want some time to chill out, check their FaceBook,watch TV for an hour or have a relaxed environment to have a chat with theirmates. For them, we have a beautiful TV and Reading Room which is also greatfor getting the group together comfortably in the one spot.

Don’t take our wordfor it

On TripAdvisor, 85% of our reviews are either “Excellent” or “Good”, soyou can rest assured you and your crew will be very happy with what we have tooffer. In addition, our rates are amazing value and we can offer a group rateif you call us at +353 (0)91 566999.

You will probably want to finish off agreat day with an even better night with some food, drink and lively nightlife.If you’re looking for good quality pub-grub, craft beers, great Irish music andyou don’t want to be organising taxis, the Roadside Tavern is one of our guests’favourite. For the foodie, the Burren Smokehouse will take you on a journey ofcurrach to cooking before offering you the opportunity to taste some of the mostsucculent fish in all of Ireland. There are lots of bakeries, cafes,restaurants etc with a wide range on offer to suit any tastes. Just so youdon’t have to waste time googling, we have summarised who, what, where, whenand how at Burren Food, Restaurants, Bakeries and Cafes.

Now let's focus on the small stuff

Now with most of the experience covered, let’s now focus on the small stuffthat can make or break it for you and peoples’ memories of the trip. We canorganise group transport, packed lunches and private guided tours. As we saidearlier, we know how you feel - you really want everything to go right and asthe old adage goes, “prevention is better than the cure”. Therefore, starttalking to us now about what you want to do and we can act as your secretpersonal assistant which makes you look super organised, uber knowledgeable andimmensely resourceful. 

Call us today andwe will get right to work so that this trip is the best ever while your life ismade as easy as possible!

Contact details:

Phone: 353 (0)91 566 999 | Email:

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